Swati & Vikas - Wedding Film

"Remember, why you all did this..That seed of Love and where it came from.."Get your boarding passes ready, as we head to destination happiness!Daaemi Films presents the heart-warming story of Swati and Vikas as they embark on this new journey together; with friends and family.Cinematography: Umair Hasan, Swar Bhatt, Faiz RaiEdit: Naveen T, Umair HasanSound Design: Naveen T, Uday DuttProduction: Darshani Nene, Namrata ShankarAssistant: MalleshPhotography: Anurag Kamilla & Sherath (for Blink Event)#destinationhappiness #makeyourstorytimelessMade with 💗 in Hyderabad & Kerala

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Antonio Ayala

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Keelynd Ross

Cowboys Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliot

MMastro252 .1

the first gears of war 4 easter egg has such a big set up for a monster jumping out of water

Fifty-Two Handles

Her: Are you here to help with me with my bf?


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3:21 “Play it where it lies.”

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I have to admit.. Borderlands 2 has some of the best Easter eggs I've ever seen

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Through the game there are a lot of pictures from real people. But who they are?

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