Taron Egerton - I'm Still Standing

Pošto je spot "Flo Rida feat. Fitz - That's What I Like" dostigao 3000 pregleda, odlučio sam da napravim novi. Ovu pesmu je nekada izvodio Elton John, nova verzija je iz animiranog filma "Sing". Nadam se da ću u budućnosti dobijati više vaših komentara.P.S. Hello to my Fans from U.S. and Japan.: - )

Cosmin Cojocaru

1:39 If I would do that too...


They should do a motor toss vid


Do Kevin Fiege plz

Malaq Stoessel

okay but why was she wearing hijab when she was something like 7 ?

Viccobax Gamer_Nelson

Odell is my favorite player.

Ryan lol

Comment “That looked SO fun!!"

1 2

Ty and Cody

aleesha farzan

wow a crazy video.............

But it can wait until after this vid

Jose Vazquez

That wanted sign was a picture of that girl you can play as

Eric Gamer


Sidra Abbas

What are sierens?

Camocat Aka-Bailey

States the obvious.... 2:36

Mooshi mia

This trailer is better than season 8 of Game of Thrones

Shannon Schultz

The little nuggets at the end are everything. So cute


Igor The Dev

In movie is real dirty joke as also you can see they're made sex.its adult joke for 18+.that's inappropriate scene.and also marty from madagascar is little changed word...on real is sugar,oh hone honey

Tesniem Mustafa

This is so sad but you stop it

Jerry Wragg

That lying sack of shit Joel. 😔

It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

Blue team is Blueberry 💙Orange team is Carrot 🥕 Red team is Cherry 🍒

michelp L2

me in gta

Emma Oliver 48 (STUDENT)

Cody: make your mom proud 😅

Highschool students:

Huskyz 12629


Biggest fan


There's just something about the editing here that makes this video pure joy to watch

golden man

4/20 Joey smokes weed

Sandra Mejia Cuartas

You wacht my comment out of 23k you deserve a cookie🍪

Ricardo Saucedo

exelent love your videos. you can see the time and passion you put on them

Umid Abduvokhidov

Trash is becoming popular welcome to 21th century

Katelynn Thrasher

Go purple Hozier

Ryan Pelser

i think this is fake because how do you know the conversation between them if he did not remember it is this just trying to incourage us to live a better life and not taking it for granted

Steven Gary

i dont like this, she should taken the whole bottle of pills.

Football Maniac Stud

5:48 when school ends


Donald is what MMA is about @@ Fcuk Connor and the other fools !!!

James Thottumkal

I didn't know Ty likes RC Boats and I have the one they were playing with

Hello 2


Israel Stacy

I do not know you on a personal basis nor do I know the full extent of your pain, but I do understand it. I wish you good thoughts through this time of pain even when it seems those thoughts may not come. I wish you good memories and moments of remembrance that you may hold close. Remember: hold your body steady and keep your mind close, but keep your heart closer. Best wishes.

Robin George

Veruthu poyi

Now i met a really nice guy but im afraid of being in another relationship

Playboi Ju!ce

Mashed potatoes?

Nicolas Paquette


Mark Prewitt


Brad Hellerstedt

Like if your watching in 2015

cosmin 44jjkl

Poltergeist is the most satisfying

Chloe Carter

You guys should do an america ninja warrior battle and who ever get the farthes wins. Like this if you think they should do it