Taylor Swift - Delicate

Music video by Taylor Swift performing Delicate. ©2018 Big Machine Label Group LLCNew single ME! (feat. Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco) available now. Download here: ►Exclusive Merch: ►Follow Taylor Swift OnlineInstagram: ►Follow Taylor Nation OnlineInstagram:

namjoons rejected handshake

jeus christ does he even breathe in between sentences

Aman Abdulsalam

i want to see what tucker carlson says about this

Sorry love

1 month ago Unknown solider: SHI-


I got a simpsons ad lmfao

Alex Bennett

Guru doing God's work once again


in what COD you get to play as Samantha?


This looks like a dbz game I played over 10 years ago. Will people buy this? The bar has been set pretty high...

Thr Duo Vlog

He looks like Eminem and sound like eminem too 🔥

Chatty hyena 360

Try alkaline diet, I promise you, it WILL cure your cancer. Why? Alkaline diet will make your blood ph level go pretty high to the point parasitic organisms and cancers not want to live in you. BUT! since you already have cancer... I’m not quite sure if it’ll work... 😐

Nick Papi

the production value of your videos has gone up man, keep it up ^-^

Eoin Camus

Panda ambush is my favorite

i ThInK kErMiT iS jEaLoS

Scott Lynch, Tales of the Far West

BoRn Ace

Or real

Animate Boy

Wanna some rakija boiiiiiiii




I live in Brooklyn! hope to see you!

Safety: am I a joke to you?

Theo Bührle

nice 👍😍😱OMFG

Sara Swinerton

So hart braking I'm so sorry

david francoeur

all were my favourite

Jesse and Ruben

It's not fake JK Rowling's


Natsuki's dad?

Sandhiren Pillay

The director seem to be a big video game fan.

HunterFisher 99

its funny how not once it showed them accually drink the stuff and right when someone was about to it cut off


Omg almost 1 million subs

ocean breeze

I don't get the cars one where girl fans flash headlights

Spencer Pasquariello

derek jeter or brett gardner


My parents are hard on me, they push me to be great, and when I’m out of line like being disrespectful to them or at school I get whooped because I’m wrong, I’m happy and disciplined

Sucheng Vang

Practice makes perfect 👌

Sextus Empiricus

I wanted to watch this but, I couldn't reach my mouse while taking a knee. FO Aaron!


Poor garret.

Arcane Elite


aurora-dg3 *Fangirl*

In my opinion their parents are still alive

Virginia 123

Relly relly sad

Haleyna Ysabelle Hernaez

Little High Five Fist Bump!!!🤣😂

She is a secret CIA Agent working undercover

CF ComicArt

Both of them have more battle wins than coby

Mehvish Sayed

U are great

LouTube Gaming

Where was coby?


Al these people making fun of lil skies hair, he’s up and he’s the best

PaneledSpider 76

I thought checkers

Uzi Lind

So ur telling me ur over 100 years old

Bethany -Chan

Panda is better

Emmitt McCollister

Am I the only one who knew Blade Runner and Alien existed in one universe?