TDP leaders serious on TDP Rajya Sabha MPs joining BJP - TV9

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Nathan Thornhill

Put a lit magnisium bar in liquid nitrogen


Arrakis confirmed UNSC outer colony

Jay Zib

I wish I had a teacher like that I had to teach me by myself

Kyle Hill

girl how are you going to talk about his parents beating him and him being terrified of them finding out hes gay then call it a 'choice' 🤮


Me (A dude): "Daaww, that's adorable. She's making foreign frie-"

Frank Castle

No one cares get off the internet

\\ ducki //


Wakka: Made in Yevon

That ending

Crispy Rake

Poor panda 🐼.

KatAnimations They Are Kinda Cool

1:16 OMG the same happened to me when I was born! Wow...


This isn't necessarily and "easter egg" but a random thing I noticed. There is a poster for a band that I saw in a lot of the houses when you're walking around with Henry and Sam, and also one of a ballerina or something, that I saw all over the dorms in a later chapter.

Jonathan Williams

5:18, 4 things in Cor mind, 1. OhMyGoshNoWay. 2. Bruh. 3. I'm So done. 4. F__ This SH__ I'm out

Adnan Ahmed

Do with a footballer called MESSI

Wolf Ghost


Lincoln Clotfelter

do you mean paul mccartney

Skull Crusher 1992



Shut your fucking mouth!


the force unleashed was still a better jedi game

Kevin Aguilar

It's fake bc when they go up to the bow and arrow thing how did coby and Garrett catch up so quickly

Agenore Allocca

I'm Italian,the easter egg on saul goodman shocked me o.o

gamerz point

Tyler is my favourite member and also in rage monster

Edit: In Titanfall 2, the Easter Egg made a big hit unlike in Titanfall 1 it was something normal.

FaZe tepey

the golf cart

Xpert Gamer4627

Man all the dislikes for Aaron rodgers

Renzo Carreon

Im the first one


Чё за пиздец?

Double Orts

2 in 9, thank the Seven.


watching in 2017?

Stunner PW

4:18 hahahahahaha

Yoelia Astorga

Que proasos

bubble boogie

deez bqhydj no!a y2k !jnvbfjz do this I. d I 'd nutz