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Andre Rivas

The meaning of life is something know one knows life is harsh, thoughtful and cruel but to me the meaning of life is not to be successful but help people in ways no one could. To me the meaning the life is being with my friends and living with them all I could help them. But the meaning of life is to fight for someone fight for someone for the greater good be more than just a human be a hero to someone.

Silvino Guerra

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Chree Walker

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The Gamer Simon

I Thought There Would Bd leather Face

Chiki Vlogs

I think chad is panda..

Panther Girl XD

In the first video his hair was black or really dark brown, then it became dark brown then brown and now light brown 😅


Developer: What's your favorite Dark Souls reference?

abelpro780_YT castro

Yo they are so cool i love it☺☺


Ty looks most like his dad

Zombie Alie


eating a vanilla cake

Papa Blueberry

what is that bomb ass soothing music in the video

Angela Bonnsy

Please react to Keanu Reeves in Cyberpunk 2077 trailer

Eric Hilbert

Why do you say you dont see yourself sticking around much longer man I love your videos you are my favorite Easter egg youtuber by far love you dude hope you're around for many years to come !

Kevyn John


Like dont defend homophobic behaviour okk

Rere M

I used to have the same story but I moved to a new school 🏫

Meghdeep Roy

Why does only Tyler do it

I saw him struggling

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arianna obioha

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