The Truth About Muscle Fascia

The full post with all studies and references:video explores one aspect of your training and physiology that you might have been overlooking: the fascia.The fascia is a sheet of connective tissue made primarily of collagen that surrounds muscles, organs, blood vessels and more. Its job is to support and protect those parts - but it turns out it also does a whole lot more.Fascia is also a sensory organ for instance that may contain a denser array of receptors than even the retina and thus play a huge role in propriooception!Fascia also has the ability to store and return energy, helping with explosiveness and athleticism. And it even has muscle fibers! This is what allows the fascia to become tight and thus restrict movement patterns.This is where 'self-myofascial release' (foam rolling) comes in: but it's probably not exactly what you think it is. It may well have less to do with adhesions and scars and more to do with mechanoreceptors and 'unwinding'.Watch the video to find out more and see how you can use self-myofascial release and a better understanding of your fascia to improve many aspects of your performance!And as I alluded to in the video - stay tuned for something really awesome later this week...The blog:


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