This is how G. Yoganand laid foundation for change

Gajjala Yoganand's interest in issues affecting society and institutions took roots during his student days. After bringing changes in Osmania University, he has been active as professional as well as public figure with change as constant theme of his life.

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Anybody here watching it in 2019 (old dp vids)

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The horses in the water is giving me Rise of the Guardians feels.


If Nipsey Hussle showed us anything it was to be that Phoenix that can rise from the ashes / to be believe in urself and know ur worth never settling for less / Owning your own Masters for ur masterpieces ; even though the grind is slow it’s done honorably ; Investing in ur community and in return ur community will invest in you. To be a good man and to earn the respected even ur Competition.... our 2Pac of 2019 our Nipsey Hussle we love you and you could never die because you’ve taught us a valuable Lesson in life. J Stone ...Respect and I salute you

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SAS.. so good at point at the obvious: 'KD is a superstar', 'the Warriors are an all time great'.

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One of the top YouTubers in my personal opinion in fact that doesn't get as much recognition as they deserve he puts so much work and detail into the game and makes it look top notch to putting sound affect into outros or just recreating a scene he touches up everything

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When I watched this video, I felt scared that I may have hysteria. Whenever I don't get attention from others, I feel unwanted and worthless because of my parents neglecting me when I was young and only giving me attention when I was in dire situations. I have attempted suicide multiple times, and those were the only times my parents cared about me. I've become more perfection obsessed, and often think that if I mess up no one will ever want to be around me, so I constantly try to get others attention in hopes that they will care. I hate myself even more for it and often think about self-harm more than before, thinking that I'm a slut and I need to die to make others happy.

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There was a time when I had more than one panic attack a day. It lasted for two months and then it went away.

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man they celebrate the best

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