TOLA MUNDARI PAHIRAKE (OFFICIAL)तोला मुँदरी पहिराके (CG SONG )|| Omesh Projetcts Feat. Lokesh & Riya

Omesh Projects Presents .. Mundari( मुँदरी ) Feat Lokesh & Riya( HEY FOLKS - LIKE SHARE & SUBSCRIBE OUR CHANNEL) For Live Show contact/ Business Inquery:- Omesh Projects -9516080007 Email-********************************************************Song – Mundari( मुँदरी )Singer/Lyricist/Composer- Vishvahar Omesh Music Arranged/Recorded/Directed by– Mr Amit Pradhan Recorded At – A P Pinewood Music Recording Studio Raipur (9827194911, 7974313953)Music Mix & Mastered by – Mr Mohd Siraj – Artist Point Raipur (7869089924, 9826163410)Video By- Vishvahar Omesh Artist – Lokesh Patel, Riya Sonkar,Vishvahar Omesh ,Video Produce and Directed by – Vishvahar Omesh Video Edited by- Vishvahar Omesh -9516080007 Special Thanks to – Akhilesh Chandrakar, Abhishek Verma, Akram Raza.*******************************************************************Disclaimers & Statutory Warnings ******* All the characters and incidents in this film are imaginary, resemblance to any person dead or alive is purely coincidental. Neither the producer nor the director nor the artists , intend to outrage, insult , wound or hurt any religion or the religious sentiments, beliefs or feelings of any person(s) or class or community.********************************************* KEEP WATCHING AND SUPPORTING#TRENDING #CHHATTISGARHISONG #OMESHPROJECTS #LOVESONG #LOVEVIDEO #BESTOFCHHTISGARH #BESTSINGER #BESTMUSIC


you are like the best youtuber I watch. you make so many great videos you are the man or woman

Blake Hutch

In the rage monster, ty looks like an angry baby🤣🤣🤣

brian Uribe

Guys I posted what happened in my yt

DR2022 Joseph P

Who else wishes all of that would be in their fridge and not in a dunk tank?

Brian Barry


HeyIts Vienna

Everyone like: why don’t you just adopt, you don’t JUST adopt. It’s not easy you don’t just go to a store and pick one out it’s takes time and energy lots of it.

Koko The Dog

Got it... now explain it all over again in terms humans can understand

Austin Byrd

2019 anyone if u are reading this Coby has already won one battle “Giant sumo battle”

Aidan Falstad

5:35 I thought he threw the turtle

Glados:just kidding

Srivatsan Parthasarathy

Like team edge video


Team Garrett all the way

Kai Tamanini

LoL..if I say what I thought it would be hate speech

Linda Pennington


Mella V

Lol I was watching the the trailer with my little 7 year old sister and she said "Frozen 11?"😂😂😂

Ava Cahill

The trash talker is my cousin mostly because he is terrible at it


ATCQ casually plays while riding a duck~


I just realized that she kept wearing the same clothes no hate I actually liked the video and it made me tear up but thank you for sharing your story

Kiwi YT


pauses video 👇

Fairy Frost

Brave and Frozen?

andrew hurst

Panda is one of the teu s because I watched a older vid and one of the twins were missing and panda was there

Antonio Bibbo

1:26 GURU! YOU PERV! just kidding.

Thank you so much for sharing with us!!!! I love you!!!!

lentrell smith

Halle Berry actually watches this show thats dope

Mukarram Aftab

It should be soccer

knitted love

lol these people are so mad in the comment section

Edward Norton

Xmas 2018 anyone! No no... Ok.

Tekkz _



New elsa Born with diffrent El-(random)(coming soon 2021,2022,2023)elsand (Sand)elsun (Light)elsick (make people sick) 😂

Dr. Darko

its the stag specter. look up how to get it, im not in the mood to explain it, but it has to do with the storyline.

Khione Brusotti

Me :*creeps up to window* snape, snape, severus snape ....