Top 10 Engineering College Of Chhattisgarh | NIT vs GEC vs PRIVATE

In this Video you can see top ten engineering college of chhattisgarhaccoding to Ratings ,Placements,Infrastructure ,facility,faculties,accomodation,social life etc.1.NIT Raipur2..GEC Raipur3.BIT Durg4.Shri Shankracharya College Bhilai,Raipur5.GGU Bilaspur6.IT Korba7.OP Jindal Engg College8.JKIT9.CCEM raipur10.GD RUNGTA ENGINEERING COLLEGE BHILAI RAIPUR11.Yugantar College Rajnandganv12.GEC Bilaspur13.GEC Jagdalpur14.Ritee Raipur15,Disha intstitute of technology and management16.IIT Bhilai17.ITM university18.Mats University19.Kalinga University20.MM city college21.Columbia college22. pitech college raipuretcSUBSCRIBE LIKE SHARE COMMENTsubscribe - - - page like - - - - + - -

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