Torta al Caffe' 10 Cucchiai

Torta soffice al caffe',facile veloce senza bilancia!Buonissima da provare!!!Ingredienti:2 uova10 cucchiai di farina10 cucchiai di caffe' solubile10 cucchiai di olio di semi di soia10 cucchiai di zucchero biancoun pizzico di saleSoft coffee cake, easy fast without scale!Very good to try !!!Ingredients:2 eggs10 tablespoons of flour10 tablespoons of soluble coffee10 tablespoons of soybean oil10 tablespoons of white sugara pinch of salt

Shahad Youssef vlogs

My mom has the exact same story as yours

Setup Games


wayne ang



how you found this easter egg? :v

Random ness

I thought they were gonna show something more, no one cares about all that talking, y'all looking like an Olympic Nike commercial out here

C.R.N_5_ lyfe

I can tell he puts allot into these videos he is truly inspirational




“Why is grandma black?”

Mariana Chaves Gutiérrez

I did not see momo almost in the entire video only 2 times. It seems to me that since she is Japanese, she should have a great impact on the song as well as the other girls who are Japanese. although I also think that the song can be well organized, they all sing the same


Is this real


like a mix of Jackass and Wipeout...great stuff!

Jasnoor Saini

Wolf and panda

Siempre puesta pa' la misión


That intro reminded me of CinemaSins. Anyone else?

Dev Man

DP vs Sidemen vs F2


Man, that Mullholland Dr. scene, I remember watching it. That camera move around the corner is actually very short, but watching it, it felt like ages. You think about whether there will actually be anything behind that dumpster, you go back and forth, and just when you give up and figure it was just a silly dream and there's nothing there - boom. He doesn't look that scary by himself, it's just a man with a very dirty face, but that slow move towards him and the way he's revealed, it just never fails to give me the creeps, I feel uneasy watching it even now, many years later.

Yang Chen

Isn't this the sh** anti-vaxxers do? Viewing some stupid video or blog and then going: You know, I'm something of a doctor myself.

Timmy McGrail

Do a part 2!!! It would be amazing

Craycray Nerverland

I subcribe

Wensley Michel

What the burger freckle in the jingle hanger

hassam uddin

Amazing things

Super Scunt

GURU YOU ARE THE EASTER EGG GOD, PRAISE GURU, also, can you make an elder scrolls online video when you have the time?, I know of one that a boat that is in a quest is called the Lydia, probably a reference to Lydia in skyrim

Ricardo Escalante Sánchez

I love this video I wish I knew someone like you besides myself

Eileen Moore


Amelia Ramadhona

kau beli di mana

Lee Davis

W h a t h a p p e n e d t o h e r s I s t e I

Adam Jasper

Tye is best


hows having a normal conversation trolling? i wasnt being ironic, u dumbass... i was making a friendly joke to randall. who is the troll now?

Nick Winnick

Is Cory and coby twins?

Christian Vlogs

Uhh minute videosthe philippine flag is upsidedown and that means an act of war and blue should be on top but ill forgive you because people make mistakes😀

Andrei Tabilog

You got 1 hit from me


Very nice, but the main question is - can I put my weed in there?

Crystals Cartoonz

Aside from the naive fucked up comments. i do hope your okay. god bless you. <<3333

Michael Borzycki

They only wear their team colours in this

Mian Asad

Like dp like hate dp comments

Jake Phelan


Jaineel Patel - Ross Drive PS (1419)

2050 anyone here

Me : "Because walkin' would take too damn long. v:< "

Gulyás Dávid

many Un charted reference here


Teens and College Kids REACT to Jinjer


my cousin was pregnant and yet still she goes to school ....

valiant_ _Holland

I graduated with casual grades

Onnastee Lifestyle

Maybe it was because of her stressing alot


I don't really hate next gen graphics...I just prefer PS2 graphics over next gen ones. Plus, the more old school the graphics, the more fun the game will be. And what if there was a Goldeneye secret in a new fps? :3


Bitch what? I’m confused

Jay Cummings

Where is Mojave Desert is this? I have an FRS and want to go...

Now this comment will be copied

sriharsha talabhaktula

What is a skeet?



Ed Brandee Higgins

Yall should do Patrick Mahomesfrom the Chiefs.


Wow..this is way more intense than I expected it to be

poster with Adrian Ciszewski (game producer)

Thomas Ericson Ricaza


The Ashura

Hey wait what about the jack frost theory?

Arna Chakraborty

Reminds me of my life...