Total Body Yoga Workout for Weight Loss 7 Day Challenge DAY 1

30 minutes a day could change your life. Start the challenge now:Sign up for the challenge now at total body yoga workout for weight loss class aims to strengthen and to stretch your body. This is a perfect routine to start the day, or to practice at anytime in the day.You'll learn to properly align your body to make sure you using the right muscles in the poses to prevent injury or strain.This is a workout you can do to start your day right with a combination of exercises to help pump blood though the body, to move fluid, and warm up the joints along with strengthening exercises for the core, arms, hips, glutes, legs, chest, upper back, and shoulders.Focus your mind, restore health and balance to your body and spirit.Subscribe to my new Channel to help support, and for free Yoga and Workout Videos Weekly! Visit: to join the movement!Instagram: @TimSenesiYogaFacebook: Tim Senesi YogaPlease let me know how you feel after the class, leave a comment below. I'd love to hear from you.

Diana Day

Maybe it's better that you didn't remember your past, because if you did you might have some other mental illness that could be even worse.


at 1:08 dat doge on the poster?

this is unlike bay-area. there may not be a racial angle. he just did not like the opposite player.

Griffin Albrightson

Every like = a win in cobys future

Shane Berry

He cowered once Lowry stood up and looked at him. Not surprised

Dark Wolvzzz

I’m the only gamer boy in my family and I sit on my chair all day playing games


"I just don't want to do what Coby did! "

bradle ridgway

Resses penut buter


How do you join


Normally i try to avoid to write english comments, bcause my English isnt good.

Erik Kassner

Alicia Boland


Sonja Wright

"I don't want to call him a phycopath"


Wow you said the name of that pasta with such passion

Rupak Chaudhuri

who is the panda

Abby Rudh

i went this too but after i said i wanna break up i can't take the pressure anymore then he stopped and now we are good i'm glad that he understood me and respects my feelings

kadir varea

Cyberpunk 2077 Minimum System Requirements:

bob bobby

pretty sure i seen a man walking a dog one time in VC. has anyone else?

Ey Lmao

This video was amazing and well made, I didn't know anything about these Easter eggs

AngieTae XO

My sister has OCD


Im very sad about chandler

memeboi 22762

3:51 reggie quote “My body is ready” I MISS REGGIE!

Simran Mahendru

December 2018 anyone????

World goes into neverending darkness.

Jessica F.

i love it when you also put the part of the movie the easter egg refers to, because most of the times i haven't watched them :)

Allison Jarrett

all girls are selfish!


He looks 47.

The Cricket Kid

My country Australia cricket is crazy

Stela P.M.

Kd a Elsa pegando a Bela adormecida?


2:47 LOL

Daniel Silva

I was expecting a dark souls bonfire Easter egg


yuki harada


Alex Martin

I think coby should win