True Power of Shaolin Kung Fu

Shaolin Kung Fu shows us what it's capable of. Comment and tell me what you wanna see! I'll be uploading new videos now!Watch my other Shaolin videos here:a remastered version of this video!

FG_ Lazer221

Day one meh day two okay day three lets go signed my deathnote

Jade Brunner

Ahh this is so cute it made me cry

Billy Thompson

Nice shot at the start

It's a good thing that you don't remember what happened to in your past

Carson Pettus

More bloops

Sio Borich


deadpool hd

Did you let the sharks in the water after catcg them

Christy Coble

Is the sord real

Mary Kawai

I have a bad anxiety

Somebody is gonna get mad and comment tho


was that a 2 seam or a riser on #1


this is really interesting, quality content. awesome channel in general -- great work


Adam England

2019 anyone

I am dead Inside

Why does this remind me of I Love Yoo

Garrett Fryberger

This did not happen


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Aislinn Whittle

This is something I needed to see so bad thank you , you made me feel understood

Amelie C

Alright now get out of my recommended please and thanks

comfy noodle

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that last one with the pizza planet truck was insane!

krishnaveni salady

Miami Dolphins

Bryce Hislop-Smith

Plot twist

Hamza Hussain


Joseph Carroll

0:24 it looks like coby threw hi arms up early

Ame Arevalo


Ardit Beluli

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Lovely video!

Michael Melton

I vote team perfect!


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Marilys Jn-Baptiste

I'm sitting here instead of doing my IXL 😒😶

bridget t

omg the drawings and stuff is SO, i wanna draw like that one day

and if none of the above happens what will?

Liliana Ferizaj

I am telling my mom in a few minutes I am Kinda scared 😦

South London’s Finest

Real niggas is a dying breed but I'm still maintaining!!!


the only asmr id listen to tbf

Awesome Sasuke