Vana Mumasango - MAI CHARAMBA

SUBSCRIBE for more...A song stressing on sanctity of life, discouraging baby dumping and termination of pregnancies.

ari yeah

0:38 whose*

Zoo animal in John's zoo.

The Wolf Pack

Come on Ty you got this



It's sounds like you're sick or your life expectancy has dropped in that last little msg. Just know that every true subscriber wants you to take a break for as long as you need to until you get better or until you figure out what's going on in life. Hope to see you posting for much longer though Guru 👌🏻


Orang indonesia mana suaranya

I just broke up with my ex-bf .

Jordan Fernandes

I'm the type of boyfriend that'd reply. "Alright baby, we can break up, but first. What happened?"


you are so cool

Shirley Lee

Go team cody

The Beast 680

You say coby was the bigest Player

Beth Odom

I want ty to do it

Baseball Gaming

Who are the two guys they are with

project kitten

Wow that must be fun

i knight

Arsenal ✌❤🤩

The Friends

More easter eggs

Hope u have a good day

Bloodmoon__GachaTuber •

Disrespects HIM? He's the one who's disrespecting HER.


will you ever show your face

Kristin Wiebold

I am glad that you decided to help support this young woman and her daughter. I am glad your parents were more on board when they found out the truth. No one has the right to abuse another person. You did the right thing.

Sheniy J

8:38 - 8:51 👇 hit that if u agree

Marija _

This is so cute,

YeeyEye !

Uhh Is anyone else confused ... no just me, ok

q q

4:02 that one is SO deliberate lmao

Ian Lu

Elsa still as thicc

She's the attention seeker!

Tim \ Olohan

Ooooooooooooooffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff oooooooooooooooooooooooooofffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

Tony Reyes

No ways


@FunWithGuru I feel ya. Keeping up creating videos as a hobby is hard (shamefully I've only made one video this year). I'm glad you still put the work in. Thanks for the content. Happy New Year.


This video is made mostly of Easter Eggs I haven't recorded before, Why can't I use a good Easter Egg again when it fits the Top 10 I'm creating? It's not like I'm uploading the same video again under a new title, I'm creating a video using new footage with some great old ones that new users might not have seen from previous videos.


At the end when she said "ya I know what your thinking " I was hoping the boyfriend would get arrested for abuse but they didn't tell so I'm guessing not...

Na No

Does anyone think of Suga from BTS? He had appendicitis too but luckily everything went fine

Bryan Kelly

Inside is very intriguing , to say the least ..

PH savage 990


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Elon musck

The Noob

Make video there you dont yell.


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