Vanilla Cake In Fry Pan | With Eggs / Eggless & Without Oven | Yummy Vanilla Cake Recipe

WELCOME TO YUMMY.TODAY'S RECIPE IS Vanilla Cake in Fry Pan | With Eggs / Eggless & Without Oven | Yummy Vanilla Cake Recipe#cakeinfrypan #vanillacake #yummyINGREDIENTS:8 INCH FRY PAN*EGG LESS CAKE*CONDENSED MILK - 1/2 CUP(SUBSTITUTE CURD/YOGURT)SUGAR - 1/4 CUPOIL - 1/4 CUPFLOUR - 1 CUPBAKING POWDER - 1 TSPBAKING SODA -1/4 TSPMILK - 1/2 CUPESSENCE - 1 TSP*CAKE RECIPE WITH EGGS*2 ROOM TEMPERATURE EGGSUGAR - 1/2 CUPOIL - 1/4 CUPVANILLA FLAVOR - 1 TSPFLOUR - 1 CUPBAKING POWDER - 1 TSPMILK - 1/2 CUPWHIPPED CREAM - 1/2 CUPSPRINKLESSUBSCRIBE HERE Facebook PageMe on PinterestMe On Instagramcake in fry pan,eggless chocolate cake,chocolate cake recipe,chocolate cake,chocolate cake,yummy chocolate cake recipe,yummy,yummy cake,cake in fry pan,frying pan cake,cake recipe in frying pan,cake without oven,fry pan cake,chocolate cake without oven,how to make cake,without oven cake recipe,how to make cake in fry pan,eggless cake,cake recipe eggles,cake recipe without oven,cake,chocolate cake eggless,cake recipe


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