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Runnin' through them hundreds, new blue check, I guess I'm verified


I am hypnotized watching your videos

Nicholas Leach

Is it on PS4 too or


The message from Kojima is a reference to the original MGS, because in the japanese version of the game, if you own some of Kojima's work, Psyco Mantis mentions it and then you hear Kojima talk.

Chittaphon jae


Lego Yoda

Bro everyone says no to Vik😂😂

Pyromaniac Fire kid

My family is the Phone Addicts

Liam Kenney


J.A Molina Molina

You shoot targets i shoot air

Blake Lastname

amazing camera

Josiah Singleton

Pet girafe

Harry Potter

I’m the ultimate setup

I'm so hungryy


I mean, I'm mexican. My dad drinks. Idc. I slap him if he stays til 11pm

Nicole Nyberg

Uncle drew is my favorite movie

Luis Varela

Great Video Editing!! Congrats!!

Jerardo Villatoro

When I saw that skateboard flash drive I got a major throwback to when I was in like, 5th and 6th grade! I loved it so much cuz at the time I shredded on the board every single day 🤙 long story short, I lost it ☹️


Halo, always has the best easter eggs :)

Nightfall 900

My relationship with my parents was never really good and I often got abused by my father. He vented his anger out on me, it was definitely not discipline and it happened so often I thought that it was normal. I was 12 when I reported him to the social worker, my friend and her mother had helped me take the first steps in the plan and i am extremely grateful. My relationship with my parents has gotten better, honestly I can’t really tell, but my father is working on controlling his anger and my mom is working on being an emotionally supportive parent. For the first few weeks after I had reported him I was feeling a bit unsure about what I had done and I kept thinking that I had deserved it, but really, no child deserves to be beaten up by their own parent. UGH and the day I reported him my boyfriend was so upset we almost broke up because he was afraid I would be sent to a foster home and get raped. I know he just wanted me to be safe, but I wasn’t so sure that asking my dad to stop would work, I mean I had already tried that. Just wanted to share this


When you watch the videos of someone with long intros

bobster 2010

Adolf dassler died in 1978

Andreas Spentzos

Steve Kerr: "Im excited for both" (When referring to 3some) HAHAHA!

CC Copy Cat


Bob Ross

your Videos are insane !

WNSC Productions

Desmond: Don't look at his butt, don't look at his butt, don't look at his butt


Hey dude perfect can you film at sky tag in Montreal Canada

Michael Ayala

They should’ve made one called “The And One” guy where no matter where he shoots and even if someone is or isn’t guarding him, he always says “and one”


Kenny Leban

Molly is on Molly everyday at work 😂

Ivan Alba. Love


Hamato Jade

you know, when you suffer from appendicitis and the surgery is planned "in a couple of weeks", there is not much hope left xD sorry, but this guy died of stupidity. A surgery on your appendix takes approx. 30 min and is endoscopic. Less dangerous than extracting a tooth most of the time.

christina cook

Rage monster needs to stop he is destroying every thing

Rajesh Sangani

i have been here

Jazmin Scott

Really all I'm getting from this is the girl had some shitty friends 🤷🏿‍♀️