Why Chinese Manufacturing Wins

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Japheth Gwapo

guys please tomorrow go to Philippines

Makayla Sejkora

DPeditors for the win!


I’m the my bad guy


The Last of Us one was cute

Jerson Ayala

Oof that poor guy jesus

Jack Manuel Desinor Hernández

Get over it and make a choice... sorry but that's all there is to it, despite the difficulty... Pain is natural, suffering is optional!

Hudson Shymko

Go prisenors


It's so sad, that all those zombie mode things etc. were imagination of two kids :(


like if ya want ayo & teo next vid


What movie with 2:27


4:42 "a sweet red head boy" Cody passes supply crate and opens it

or Pop Out Again


congrats on the book!

Emma Ford

I was diagnosed last year and I really wish doctors help like they say but it took a midwife to refer me to psychiatrists doctors just chuck tablets and pass it off as depression their should be more support and information out there

Me: what did it cost?