Yoga for Anxiety - 20 Minute Practice - Yoga With Adriene

20 Minute Yoga For Anxiety. Use the tools of yoga to find peace and support from within. This simple practice is hands free and low to the ground. Good for when you are feeling anxiety or seeking more balance in your life. Especially in a time when we are so focused on the body - use this practice to tend to your mind, your thoughts. Accept where you are today and allow the simple yet powerful tools of yoga to guide to you ease and joy. You deserve it. I got your back!Let me know how it goes below! Join the community:Instagram: @adrienelouiseFacebook: yogawithadrienePinterest: more Yoga With Adriene visit www.yogawithadriene.comFor programs and merch visit www.fwfg.comCheck out our new membership site at: music by Shakey Graves, House Of Winston:

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Ark_ Instructor

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