Yoga for Frozen Shoulder: Gwen Lawrence Yoga

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In 2019 chopper crash : AH, ** HERE WE GO AGAIN!

Joe Sekula

Cody or Corey will win one game

Justin Strawn

How do you guys get permission to get inside these stadiums

Rustic Box Photography

Anthony kinda looks like john snow just saying


always with a nice track.

shadowtrooper 262

Actually the panzer hound in the easter egg is a 1960 panzer hound. The panzer you showed us is a 1946 panzer hound. But as longs as you show a normal panzer hoind it is fine. Please do wolfenstein 2 the new collossus easter eggs. I have seen quite a bit of them.

BMX Zoee

You should flip a table

Sofia Rios

I want to say that my softball coach called me bipolar because I threw one one bad ball cuz the sun was in my eyes I just want to tell you this cuz you are and I feel like you're true because there's some people actually have it and you can't just assume it by seeing other people do it I'm sorry that you are you are bipolar


It's jack not jock

Timothy Bordelon

I would except you even if you are or were a foriner

Nu Hitemup

you nasty I don't like this video

NoobFire Gaming

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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Jo with the flow vlogs

Your not alone 👪❤❤👍👍👍

Nathaniel Chmielewski

schmidtowski look it up!


disappointed that this isn't trending in my country, singapore. y'all locals are deaf af. WE GOTTA APPRECIATE THESE BARS. c'mon locals.


2:30 they predicted fortnite

william lr

good work like always :)

Jasmine Williams

Omg odell Beckham jr you are my favorite football player


When the doctor says that they would have to pay to save their sister, imagine him saying, “You can walk to the park, but that’ll cost you $15.”

Frank Aboona

Do some of the previous GTA and Assassins Creed and do Oblivion, i know they all have easter eggs

Confused Pikachu

Banjo is in smash

oren 43

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'It never crossed my mind, until we had our rough path'

Quig the stig

When’s #2. ?

greemreper0409 RBLX

What is your child girl or boy

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Cant believe I just found this!The music and the reveal of every Easter egg is on point. : D


i am kind of in the same situation as you were (maybe not THAT painful, but still enough to make me cry out of pain). I have cired myself to sleep countless times and all i can do when i come home from school is to lay down and do nothing, i can't even sleep. Even after 3 years of countless doctor appointments, they still can't find out what is wrong with me.

Valentino B.

the empire state building. shoot from all the way on the top and shoot it down

Robyn Coetzee

Holy moly snickerdoodle look at that toiletry case! Yaaaaaas Queeeeeen!!! 💋❤ Cannot believe my candy land dreams and makeup dreams get to meet face to face!

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Dude it was a little scary but soooo good. I can't wait for another one of these. The wildlands EE got me spooked when I ran into it one day. I was like what the hell?! NO WAY.

Kyle J.

Jenna gushing about how her little boy should have a lovely dress bc he's a pretty boy and it looks great on him is the nonbinary and GNC support we need

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Did anyone's jaw drop when he said 8 to 10 eggs?

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Isn’t this meant to be a kids film. Why is the trailer so damn vague

Am I right

Kenji The Jazzy

Do we need a sequel? The first one was bad enough with it's cluttered Disney stereotypes.

Patt From Wii Sports

You are a magician, but i'm a professional ping pong, boxing, and swordplay player

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Do one with James winston

Dominic Campbell

I can't me mad at that Loqueesha trailer, because that shit was funny. I did get mad every time you played that dumpster fire song.

Santiman TV


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I am LIVIN for this rn oh lord yes

Arrow In The Knee

2:16 this is grayfryers Bobby you see in a few thousand years ago the dog live happily with his owner but that all changed when the owner got scammed I think and he got broke then he got sick he couldn't pay for treatment btw here comes the sad part the and the man died evreyone day the dog would go to the grave and sit next to it thinking that he will come back but he never did as he was dead ... So he stayed with him the locals noticed and started to feed him treats and then he passed away because he was cold it's a sad story but it comes from Scotland so what do you expect and don't correct me because I am Scottish


Me: makes fun of girls who sing let it go and vow to never watch frozen,Me now: I’m totally seeing this new frozen movie!