Yoga for Neck and Shoulder Pain - 20 Minute Stretches to Relieve Pain and Tension

This series of neck and shoulder stretches was designed to help relieve the pain and tension we build up in our neck, shoulder, and upper back areas while working at a computer, texting on our phones, or sitting for many hours at our jobs.Certified yoga instructor, Emily Henderson from Austin TX, leads this yoga flow. This is a Beginners level instructional Yoga video. 🎁 RECIEVE A FREE GIFT - 1HR YOGA FLOW 🎁OFFICIAL YOGATX APPAREL ✨NEW EXCLUSIVE 1-HOUR LONG FLOWS AVAILABLE 😍SUPPORT YOGATX & HELP US MAKE NEW CONTENT 🙏🏽WITH US:____________________YOGATX website: 🎁 WHERE DO WE GET OUR YOGA PANTS? 🎁🎁Check out our YOGATX digs store:YOGA PROPS 🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹BLOCKS: EQUIPMENT WE USE 🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹CAMERA: SUPPORT OUR WORK 🙏🏽Your donations help us make better contentby Jim Butler @: Copyright 2018 YOGATX.All Rights Reserved.


The last scene, Is that Troll (So huge Giant)?

KNG Reaper


"They came after me... The car... I saw it all. They..they drugged me... I knew nothing... Just felt an intense pain all across my body and saw myself tied...I told her to show me her hands and to look at my face to see who I was.( She was staring away as she had just been freed) I looked like an adult, a mature man. Yet she recognized me. I said ' Remember COC ?'

Deborah M

NAYEON s BÉRET so pretty chic and her présence is great ✨💘

Viola Pratchelini

1:22 is me all the time for no good reason

25k Subs with No Videos Challenge

by 20100?

The Great Giddy Goat

This looks EPIC

d7ome X7


Hydric Animates

It looks good ngl


Does no one else see ty cheat at 2:58 he looked!!!

Oof Sunshain

I remember on the phone my mom got mad at me because I wanted to be a pianist

Crystoferd Lopez




Tristan Hunt

Skies saved this, gnar is trash


"oh, what a shame. another time then" lmaoo

And it is really annoying

Emerson Azevedo

Em Left Behind, no arcade, uma das máquinas faz uma clara referência ao jogo Metal Slug. Aparecem dois personagens bem parecidos com Marco e Tarma desenhados na lateral da máquina.

Zoie Swan

They should have broken a bottle on Cory’s stereotype

Markos Guerrero

Really??? Ugghhh I prefer Neail Patrick Harris a real singer more in shape and a lot more talented.! Thanks bye

Rabindra Gupta

Dost how to made pls tell me how to make a rocket


It's almost summer, can you make some drumsticks? I like the caramel filled ones the best.

Felicia Lindahl

when do next come out?

Joe King

Happy Easter to you too Guru :)

Dean Clark

I'm surprised you didn't know they had the famous image from Resident Evil Directors Cut with the zombie on the slide show. It was in the part you had to scan something to get the door to open and there were enemies everywhere

Austin Potoczky

Just noticed after coming back to this is that you can see all the cards he messed up on were on the floor - 4:45

cakrabuana _arts

I think you guys must change that baloons. It's so annoying and that would be too easy for you to shoot it

Henry Paxton

People are jerks

Official. Kiki&Blue

The tittle says I was strucked by lighting but he was ALMOST struck by lightning

An epic chicken nugget!


Alt Acc

I just found a star wars easter egg/refrence if you go to skellige to the town Blandare.

Vergames 2

God this looks great.

Matthew Willson

Ha tye if you want I will play you at horses

Jacob Kenkel

Who is the panda!!!!

Brianna Mulcahy



Omg so ungrateful and annoying girl she takes her home so nothing bad happens to her and the first thing she does is accuse him of rape if he hadn't taken her home she might have actually gotten raped.

Pluvio_ 1110

I’m not fat, i’m hella thicc betch

Erica Watkins

LOL. It cracks me up each time you yell at Astro. I never really hear him until you start yelling at him.

Me: Nope, I’m out.

ayy lmao

Legolas wants to: know your location

Shobitha Balaji

4:31 suits him sooo well🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Marzz Mello

I legit thought that Tyler threw the turtle

Aditya Praaa

please translate to indonesia


I'm Learning how to love thanks for this.

Ajatar Dracarys

I thought the earlist easter egg was from "Adventure".


Ethan is my new favorite reactor

Brent: I liek u... But this video is 6 mins long

aidan knight

your right undead is from hollywood undead

Tipring Henderson

24 bounces