Yoga for Runners: Post-Run Cool Down

Decrease back and knee pain while increasing your endurance by using this simple post-run stretch sequence.Song is I Believe In Your Victory by This Will Destroy You. Download the album here:

Jerry Egan

2019 anyone?

keerthi sekar

What about rage monster

Enzo and Mochi

Tyler how does that keep happening?

I gotta change


that sled sucks ass


got a voice like karl pilkington

josh m


Greg Putnam

You should create an updated list for this theme

1 to 10?

Annie Akbari - Hazel McCallion Sr PS (1549)

One like for the video= 1000 slaps for the terrible PE teacher



I had a feeling it was North Korea eveb though she never said the country! SOUNDS REALLY DAMN SCARY!

Kenny Hopkins

what kind of pervert shit is that at 0:23

Lindsey R

I really like this video - however I would suggest using person-centered language in the future

The Dutch: hold my tulips


OMFG thats sing street in the outro!!!

Arya Harrisawak

Why would he do that ????😠


Haha sugar honey ice tea (shit )

luna blanc

The best thing to do with anxiety is to combat it, it's like a inner bully. I don't know if anybody has noticed but anxiety is quite illogical, "Everybody is staring at you!" Well, I am on a stage right now and there are others here so they can't ALL possibly be staring at me at once. "They're judging you, see the woman's reaction in the front!?" Yeah but to be far I'm judging myself more and I'm pretty sure she just sneezed... "No, she thinks you suck!" Self, she's wiping her nose and everything...

Cael McDermott

Love the game

YH Jordeni RL


Elizabeth Kleinheinz

Cody should totally get rid of the beard

Lukas last of the Time Lords


Spitaali miehet

4:59 i asked my SISTER to take me back to the doctors this time

The Beast Man


Miguel the master Chua

When are you guys makeing a new video

Jeronimo Rios

Who is the fastest from dude perfect

SpArTaN Sam

no teeth were harmed during the making of this video

The Life of Bryan

Awesome super shots on our channel

Link Smith

Yes please. I still have my original copy, but I am so going to get this too.

Hailen Ace

I have something on the ocd spectrum not many psychologists even know about because it is so rare. And from other sufferers that went to get help it seems it isn't very treatable.


Mad Jelly two

Well you got attention from me

lord_of _war

0:45 this all fake im not afraid of shit

Jaci Jordan

This is the third time I have watched this, and I’m just now noticing it says “weiner” instead of “winner”



Tramaine Terrance

Hello, Humans.👋


I know this comment may not mean much, but to those suffering from this disorder, hang on there! I don't know what you have went through, but I hope it gets better, <3

CIARABUE69 Momma Bear

Where do I audition for the totem pole? 🤣

Charlotte Jaramillo

Watching this is CRINGEY MAX LVL 100