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You got it, girl, you got it (Ayy)


In the diner there is a mirror with the words "fire walk with me" written on it. This is most likely a reference to Twin Peaks.



Jeffrey Vauxhall

Bravo Six going dark

My dad came back but my mom didn't trust him

Pineapple Town

3:31 Expectations 3:32 Reality

Rei Q.

I had the cord around my neck.. But im alive..

seal king

my dad were nice when i did a mistake

Prakash Pawar

Is Coby ever gonna win 3 times in a row ? That would be really great Like if yes 😂

2020: Xbox,PC


2019 anyone????

Hamza Mehar

Drr Ty’s dad common sense

Blake Cali

I love you panda

Ethan Mcgrath

but im allergic

SinCotter Productions

I helped my depression by finding other depressed people and becoming friends with them

Tony Cardona

Nice video Mr. Adam Sandler

Aisan Panda

5:33 when you hit puberty


They are at the mavs practice court the best team ever

Betiana Duarte

Alto temaso✌👌💗

patrick zito

Thiswaspretty dope

A society run by computers programmed to improve society. A computer can outthink humans at calculations and predictions with the right programming. Imagine Prime Minster IBM, or Queen Microsoft. Economy was GOING DOWN FAST one day, you could buy a new phone with a single paper bill and you could hardly even buy bread with it the next. The streets were dangerous everywhere, even in the capital, one time in 1991,tanks were rolled out into the streets to calm the protests.