YOGAWEEK || Day 3 - Strength In Yoga

Day 3, Strength In Yoga, of YOGAWEEK with Cole Chance was designed to stretch & strengthen your whole body!YOGAWEEK video & checklist:Day 1 - Grounding Into YourselfDay 2 - Flexibility TrainingDay 3 - Strength In YogaDay 4 - Balance In AllDay 5 - Energizing & Heating UpDay 6 - Restore, Relax, & RechargeDay 7 - Gratitude In Ourselves NEW EXCLUSIVE 1-HOUR LONG FLOWS AVAILABLECHANCE YOGA TRIBEA PATRON & SUPPORT OUR VISIONOUR STORE FOR AWESOME YOGA PANTSout some of other fan favorites of Cole’s:Cole’s Morning Yoga For Beginners - Gentle & Relaxing Yoga for Energy Full Body Stretch Yoga - Total Body Yoga Workout with Beginners Poses!Bedtime Yoga - 20 Minute Calming & Relaxing Night Time Flow TX website: +: by Jim Butler: Copyright 2017 YogaTX. All Rights Reserved.

Zvonimir Bilic

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Justin Jimenez

Thank you to Guru for always putting out great videos and to the other commenters for keeping things positive (from what I've seen) :)



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I honestly never understand which character is speaking xD


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silver star25

how do you do that tricks

Eddie Perez

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well I just finished the 7 hours compilation and it was awesome and now I just received the notification for this one.....#FunWithGuru you really are amazing and make me happy....thank you very very much! i really appreciate your hard work and dedication in finding all these videos and putting them together :)

Valentina Ramirez Pacheco

Atleast she’s in a better place now.. r.i.p beautiful baby girl

duolingo owl

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Something I hate society is the need to be beautiful and I get it’s nice to feel pretty but you should not change your self! I also hate how models and ads have people that are photoshopped to look skinner it’s just like that’s not possible! They put these expectations into people’s heads that aren’t achievable! You guys are all pretty! <3

Sumatra Owl

your voice is so smoothing

zombieshadow23 lol


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Jared Abragon



I've gotten so used to not hearing your voice so I kinda want atleast most of your videos to stay silent like maybe a few of you talking is fine but I want most to still be silent

Saltea Artz


Erichsen Seabstian

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Manenboy J

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pooja dabriwala

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Alicia Coelho



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Poor Panda

Devils Hyper

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Felix Sosa

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Fire Skull

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