Yogurt Banana Muffins 乳酪香蕉杯子蛋糕

It doesn't require an electric mixer, and it helps use up the horribly leopard-like bananas in the kitchen.It is literally as simple as toss and mix all the ingredients together.Then, you will get a batch of fresh, soft and delicious muffins as the breakfast or snacks, or to share.These are the reasons why I fell in love with these muffins.Ingredients:Dry Ingredients:2 cup All Purpose Flour/ Plain Flour3/4 cup Brown Sugar1 tablespoon Baking Powder1/4 teaspoon Sea SaltWet Ingredients:2 Ripe Bananas1 cup Plain Greek Yogurt2 Eggs1/3 cup Coconut Oil1 teaspoon Vanilla ExtractPlease like or subscribe, or visit my blog for more recipes:

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Ethan: views the karaoke machine

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Why the fuck does ty do every fucking thing on the fucking channel

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lol talos has soo many easter eggs! im tottaly gonna buy that game if it's for the ps3

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Where did the double jump go :(


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The turtles were in old Dalaran as well, albeit without the weaponry.  They had a rat they were gathered around.  Current Dalaran has a giant rat miniboss called Splint, as well

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hi my name is wyatt i live in utah and i love you videos and my favorite nfl team is the dallas cowboys.

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This is lit af like Chris Brown and drake are going to make more songs together

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The batman and robin reference in SWTOR has changed they are now in traditional Zakool dress not in a cape and blue mask


Fucking harvest moon, man.. sucked hours of my time away. fuck taking care of that stupid horse and constantly waiting for it to be 10 AM on a Tuesday

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Over working yourself is completely dangerous. Please, anyone who over works themselves needs to take breaks. Get plenty of sleep. Eat decent. I have plenty of people in my family who over work and they suffer. It’s ok to work hard, but not too hard.

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The moment I saw the Haircut I knew he was Kim Jun In 김 춘 ㅗㄴ(I do not know if I wrote it right or wrong but please tell me)


9/11: Am I a joke to you?

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I want to swim in gatorade :)


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oh my god am i really with this channel since the start ? .-. i just realized


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At the end of this video was Ty singing the theme song of Gilligan's island.

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You guys should do a swimming challenge to see who is the fastest swimmer

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We need more videos like this

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When is Overtime 9?

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