🍲 Web Ollas GM: a preparar unos deliciosos yogures griegos caseros con ayuda de nuestra Thermomix y nuestra olla gm.Si tenéis alguna receta o sugerencia dejarnos un comentario e intentaremos poco a poco grabar aquellas recetas que más os gusten.Nuestros Sitios:💻 Web: Instagram: CookinandotmMúsica Utilizada: Ehrling - You and me:Molde del Flan: 🚿 Cepillos de Limpieza: de nata para montar-1 yogur griego-1 litro de leche entera-100g de azúcar blancoPasos para realizar los yogures caseros:1.- Comenzaremos incorporando en el vaso el litro de leche entera, los 100g de azúcar blanco, añadimos los 200g de nata y programamos durante 10 segundo en velocidad 3. Tras este tiempo programamos 8 minutos, 100 grados velocidad 1 y posteriormente dejamos enfriar. Tendremos que dejar enfrían hasta los 45 grados aproximadamente.2.- Después, incorporamos el yogurt al vaso, y mezclamos 5 segundos a velocidad 3. Ahora retiramos a los vasos individuales para los yogures.3.- Introducimos la rejilla en la cubeta e incorporamos dos medidas de agua, seguidamente programamos menú guiso, 1 minuto a 130 grados. Posteriormente, desconectamos nuestra olla e introducimos los vasitos de yogurt, cerramos la válvula y esperamos durante 8 horas para que nuestros yogures fermenten.4.- Tras las 8 horas de espera ¡Ya están listos nuestros yogures!


You guys have just been beating by ALABAMA! BOYAHHHH!


Ah used to play Wii Sports when I was like 10 years old. Fun times, until I started to go bowling.


Anybody know what tape/song is playing at 01:34 and where it can be found?

Joseph The Legendary RPG Puzzle Collector Hero

You, are a clever bastard at the very end of this video. Still, nice job bringing back one of the most heartbreaking moments seen throughout this year.


Does the music not give anyone else twilight princes vibes?

Whopper Jr.

All games are shooter O.o

James Warwick

Hey anyone who subscribe to my channel i will subscribe back

Tricky Shake

Ty raped the Mannequin at the end


i know right :'( So stop FUCKING HATING ON HER.

Alvaro Solorzano

Why is there a MP40 wallbuy in Samantha's room ?

Nery Cajas

Hahaha tell me if u got #1 if u didn't get it what's wrong with you

i found out my dad had affairs 3 years before my mom confirmed it

Dogukan pro 123

I love dude perfect

Magniko Mabl

4:06 im laugh 1 hour!!!!!!😂😂😂😂🙂😍

Subhranti Mohanty

Cory the best

just thought you should know Idk tho

Jana Dunlea

who is panda

Tim Pardun

Tom Brady stinks


The monkey family, Halo 3

Sherry Ahsan

hole in one


Sorry Cody but it's scientificly proven that there is no sound d in space sorry but..... your wrong

Phil Bornholdt

They can play every Sport, but they`re soccerskills are so bad, i mean look at the shoot 😂

Abdul Jed

Aaron rodgers is the best qb




Lol, the pink haired girl irl while her pics look like a different person, wtf.

anonymous_sisters_ official_

Oh... thank u...for uploading motivational videos like this



Ya girl Caylee

I have a.d.h.d

Fearless82 5

this is why fortnite is ass, sorry little kids who are addicted but I'm not as you can tell



Dayis ._.

I am allergic to peanut, walnut, eggs and those common things and something sad is that I almost died after my 6th birthday by eating a peanut treat. So when someone offers me a peanut treat I get flashbacks.

(Yeah, uh)

Sky Sky

She clearly isn't a golddigger, she just feels love when she's given gifts! Duh!

Nedelcho Ivanov

the new BF looks soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good

That Art Kid

He’s literally my age 😂😂😂


"Journals" of Guyana? I think you mean "Jungles".

Jhope Perfection

If i was her and approaching nirvana was BTS and if one of my buddies did this to me i would cry soo much and hug the life outta him