Yummy Yogurt Bites - Perfect Frozen Summer Treat for Kids

Check out these Yummy Yogurt Bites, an easy sweet treat idea that's perfect for kids (and sweets-addicted adults)! Our DIY gal Jessica Hord shows you how to make the frozen fruit-filled snacks.Try out the recipe below, and let us know how your batch went.Ingredients:-- 32-ounce container of yogurt (or alternative)-- Fresh fruit of your choice-- Silicone baking cupsInstructions:1. Lay out your silicone baking cups.2. Spoon about three tablespoons of yogurt into each cup.3. Press in fruit.4. Place cups on baking sheet and cover with plastic wrap.5. Freeze for two hours or until solid. You're done!Inspired by: Eats Amazing#frozenyogurt #soygurt #kidsrecipesMore from Jessica Hord:Facebook: #HowTo Videos: with RightThisMinute online!Facebook: full episodes at is THE viral videos show – now seen in over 90% of the U.S. on America’s best TV stations. We have the stories behind the best web videos with interviews and information you won’t find anywhere else.Every day, our team of e-journalists scour the internet to find you the videos everyone will be talking about.Our hosts then share the best of these on TV, online, and on mobile.If it’s funny, outrageous, informative or entertaining, you’ll see on #RightThisMinute here first.RightThisMinute.com is the companion site for the TV show. Updated daily, you'll find show clips and other great videos you may not see on TV. Bookmark www.RightThisMinute.com and do come back often to find out what’s trending every day.Get RTM on your mobile device by downloading the RTM Videos app at — available for IOS, Android and Windows — or watch us on Apple TV.

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