Zumba - Basic Step

Jawad Boujemaoui

The scene of the train in the game ends exactly like the movie Speed. Did someone notice it ?


Usain bolt

Brandon V.

I love how amazing and creative these Easter eggs were.So much thought was put into them I applaud them.

Hannah Synnott

I hate when you think you meet the perfect guy and everything goes great then all of a sudden they ask you for nudes 😤😧

Michael Cameron

I love dude perfect vids who’s with me

Maybe a change of environment will help me.I dunno.


Who is that other girl

Billy Fahy



Ok i now she didnt wanna tell cause friendship and stuff....but she could've stopped things from happening way before that other girl did so she stoopid :(

Lexxi Chen

this is so sad....why wasnt TRUMP there??? sigh!!

Ismar Navarro

the rage moster was caused by mother nature 1:23

Me: wait that’s illegal

And have a child and yeah matpat everyone knew this for years


They were making waves in a no wave zone


Its just clearly coming by to say. THAT PICKAXE IS BADASS MAN. Or in dragon language...

Ramdev Vikash


Caden Vaughn

hi guys and yes it is bo3

Nate Bluefury

Fav shot the last one

Me: pfffff im not crying ...


At this moment they knew they beep up 1:40


There are 2 scenes in American Psycho, the beginning scene where the main character introduces himself and his morning routine, and then there’s the scene where they compare business cards

Harsha honey

😂Is that a dream!?..

ช่างภาพ มีน

What name of music on this clip ..


next vid: my dad is my mom

- `s a d ' - *

This is why i play apex.

K Baker

Who is watching this for the first time in 2019


Does Guru Reply??



Boss Camacho

the last 1

Mach Musich


Haydin Nietiedt


Curiosidades Universo

Video Perfect

Keep me Anonymous

fawad hussain

Cory will win# cory the champion #😄

Ady Ochoa

Do more soccer vedio's

donna ess

My biological parents are on drugs and my siblings will probably be in a foster home and I don’t have any contact with my dad


eli manning

Soph The weirdo

Who else saw the Mercedes logo