Zumba Vero tkt Zumba by Don Omar

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Gabby Games!

Nice drawing

Jared Dutchman

You should so a video on the inside of fireworks

The Turners

yea i am in 2019

marcus rodriguez

Thats samanyhas lullaby

Aussie All day

Umm I'm astrailan mate

Dylan Militzer

Favorite sport

The super gaming Pro

Fortnite is encouraging people to dance on people this is toxic fortnite

John Santander

Those boats are sooo fast!

Jason Kinney

you guys aresocool

yanelvis gomez

React to Netflix serious show called when they see us

Cleanin’ the house.

YaboiMGLG Games

The last one

Step on the grave! Step like it was still alive! IT 'S L I T

jesse sepulveda



what is that song?



Jose Oliva

In Watch Dogs 2, there are many, in the desert festival, you can talk with one guy and cheer him, telling '' Valar Morghulis"

Amon McEachern

I saw a who wearing the purple version hat from the Cat and the hat

Antek Stacharski

Super triki, tyler jesteś moim idoldm od dzisiaj każe mamie mówic do mnie purple hoser


94 skill points????

Bananar08 YT

it is fake u will decinagrate if that happens you will find no one at all. like if u agree


Congratulations on making 500K. Been watching you for a good few years now and look forward to every new video. Thanks for answering my questions with such detail :D

Carlos Labadie

Holy shit brotha, that song is lit 🔥


Well it's out in Europe and Asia, because of time zones

Arman Singh Bhati

0:55 how is the battery at 70%?? Have faith things will get better.

Sadia Fahad

I do hack in dude perfect 2


Genevievre Toussaint

This video stresses me out of every time she make a dramatic tone

Me: pErfEct

Charlie Biggs

Wanna hear another fact?

Ian Sallee

I just watched this and compared it to a newer vid, and this video now sux compared to what they do now!

RavenClaw Redcoat

If a guy kicked my chair I'd ask them to stop, but whisper, obviously

Death wish

Hello comment section

Cool little secret.

Nic Rat

Anyone else click on these videos even though you’ve already seen them to see what’s in the up next?

Jared Rosales

I feel Bad for the woman

Jane Kalang

saints row super secret island you can also find the loch Ness monster